Gareth May 13th, 2020

One of the funniest blokes I’ve ever met. Never forget you taking me and Gareth to football when we were young and having to put up with hardcore and jungle blasting in the car. Until one day you wound the windows down and blasted some Chas & Dave just to embarrass us. Will miss seeing you on the way to work and hearing you shout out the window a combo of either “Winters maaaaaaannn” “Tops Maaaaannnnnn” Or “Watching too much Cardiff City maaaan”!! And will miss enjoying a pint after the occasional City match and talking about how pathetic we are. Always made me laugh and always chuckled at his deep belly giggle. A true gent and superb family man. I’ll be happy to be half the father and grafter Bobby D was. Sleep tight Bob. Winters maaaaaaan.