Julie May 15th, 2020

So many really funny moments that Bob and I shared in work. The funniest will always be when Bob decided to tell a new unsuspecting member of staff that he was waiting to have a toupee fitted but it was a secret and a very sensitive subject for him. I think only Shaun and myself were in on the joke. Lo and behold a week later his wig arrived from Ebay (China) it was like something the Beatles would reject! Bob said that fringe was in his eyes so he chopped a huge chunk off the front with nail scissors made it even worse. He put it on before he came to work and admitted to me he had a lot of strange looks that morning! He wore it for most of the day and totally ignored any looks from colleagues (of which he had lots), pretending that it was a genuine hair piece. The new staff member was totally taken in! I was in fits of laughter all day, he looked so comical. He eventually took it off as he was too hot and admitted to one and all it was a joke but due to Bobs great acting a lot had believed it was genuine which added to the fun. There will never be another Bob and the world will be a sadder place without him. We will miss him so much and always remember the fun he brought ❤️